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Custom Built Aquariums

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Think of aquariums in your home or business as a piece of art. That is what aquarium fish tanks built by Subscape are.

An aquarium in your home or business is like an interactive piece of artwork, Subscape is able to provide training for appropriate fishkeeping practice, or offer a full in-house maintenance service.

In both residential and commercial atmospheres, beautifully aquascaped tanks are a relaxing and entertaining environment you can escape into.

Welcome to Subscape Aqaurium

Subscape Aquarium operates as an independently owned and operated fish lovers paradise, priding itself on a strong commitment to tailored, individual service and a commitment to ensuring the longevity and success of your own Aquarium.

With a reputation for knowledgeable staff and individual customer service, both the veteran fish keeper to the first tank owner, are in excellent hands.

Subscape also boasts a wide range of quality bred freshwater and tropical fish, along with several specialty and rare breeds. The incredible display tanks have been aquascaped by experts, and are an inspiration as to what can be achieved with many of the varieties of live plants available.

Services also include: in-house maintenance service, custom tank building, aquascaping ponds and outdoor areas, high-tech Co2 tanks, showcasing locally bred and rare fish, fact sheets and a wealth of information to enable you to both keep your fish and watch them flourish.

Our best selling products and fish

Gibbiceps Plecostomus cat fish
The Sailfin Gibbiceps Plecostomus comes from the rivers and tributaries of South America. The body has different shades of brown with a pattern of lighter markings covering the body. Length 7 cm

Fuval Edge
The world's first 3D water cube aquarium, the 23 litre Fluval EDGE can be filled to the very brim thanks to the glass top, providing high definition viewing from every angle. View gallery →

Siamese algae eater
A small school of these with a school of Otocinclus catfish and you've got the best algae cleanup crew for freshwater tanks.

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